Ben Kasl

About Ben

Growing up in Southern California, Ben spent summers visiting family amongst the cornfields and cows in rural Southeastern Nebraska. It was through those experiences that made him want to pursue a career in animal agriculture. He attended UC Davis as an undergraduate, earning a BSc in Animal Science & Management in 2013. During veterinary school, Ben pursued a specialization in Farm Animal Medicine & Surgery and attended Cornell’s Summer Dairy Institute with other future dairy-minded veterinarians. He completed his DVM degree in Spring 2017. The dairy industry is always adapting, so he felt he needed additional training in nutrition, statistics, and data analysis to better serve producers. He also knew he wanted to enter private practice to utilize skills he had learned in vet school and improve his clinical prowess. An opportunity came to fruition in Lubbock, TX where he has been able to pursue a PhD in Animal Science (Ruminant Nutrition) under Dr. Mike Ballou while concurrently working full-time in private dairy practice in Muleshoe, TX for the past 3 years. His dissertation focused on assessing and optimizing the abomasal environment in preweaned calves fed higher planes of milk replacer nutrition.