DR. Ben Kasl

About Ben

Growing up in Southern California, Ben spent summers visiting family amongst the cornfields and cows in rural Southeastern Nebraska. He worked in several different on-campus dairy research labs studying greenhouse gas emissions and cattle behavior while earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science at UC Davis (’13). After spending time with dairy veterinarians in the Central Valley of California, Ben attended Cornell University for veterinary school. He earned a DVM, graduating with a specialization in farm animal medicine & surgery (’17). 

Because the dairy industry is constantly adapting to improve efficiencies, Ben felt the need to pursue additional training in nutrition, statistics, and data analysis to better guide decision-making for producers. An opportunity came to fruition in Lubbock, TX where he earned a PhD in Animal Science (Ruminant Nutrition) at Texas Tech University (’20) studying plane of nutrition and abomasal health in calves under Dr. Mike Ballou. Ben worked full-time as a dairy veterinarian in private dairy practice servicing farms in West Texas and Eastern New Mexico while working toward his PhD.

Ben identifies and solves on-farm problems utilizing his knowledge and experiences as both a nutritionist and veterinarian. Through effective communication, data analysis, and observations, he implements programs that maximize results, profitability, and cow health for producers.