About Dan

Dan Rosicka, brings more than 20 years of dairy consultation experience to Progressive Dairy Solutions, Inc. team. A graduate of The Ohio State University in 1991 with a BA Degree in Agricultural Economics he immediately went to work as a dairy feed and nutrition representative. He has worked in Northeast Wisconsin and his home area of Western New York State. Dan has the privilege to have worked for the majority of his current dairy clients since 1995. During these 15+years, most all of his clients have at least doubled their herd sizes. Dan believes that his clients are some of the very best dairymen and cow-people in the Northeast. Growing and learning with them over the years has given him a unique and straightforward approach to dairy consulting. A constant drive for learning new applied technologies combined with a relentless everyday execution of dairy management fundamentals are two of the main ingredients Dan focuses on for continued success with his clients.