About Butch

Butch’s involvement with milk production began 30 years ago, in his native Alabama, when his first 4-H cow freshened. Since then, he has lived and breathed dairy. Enrolling in Mississippi State University after high school, he earned a BS in Dairy Science in 1994, a DVM in 1998 and an MS in Dairy Production Medicine in 1999. He began his professional career in 1999, entering private practice in New Mexico.

Dedicating all of his time to the field of Nutrition and Management Consulting since 2007, Butch says I have learned more from my clients than they ever will from me”. He is humbled and motivates by the immensity of the task of a dairy nutritionist. He knows that his performance as his clients’ nutritionist is the single largest factor in their economic success, and his passion is to see his clients succeed.