About Jeff

Raised on a small, registered Holstein farm in Nebraska, dairy has always been part of Jeff’s life. Jeff worked at the Kansas State University dairy research farm while earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science (’99). His exposure to this research led him to pursue a Masters in Animal Science at KSU (’01) where he developed and evaluated a pelleted feedstuff containing soybean hulls and corn steep liquor for lactating dairy cattle. His interest in research then led him to South Dakota State University where he studied fatty liver and ketosis under Dr. Arnold Hippen, earning his Ph.D. in Dairy Science (’04). Following his time in the Brookings area, Jeff worked as a nutritionist for a feed company in the upper Midwest which led him to a position as an on-farm nutritionist within a large multi-site dairy. Jeff has spent the past ten years working on trace mineral research and conducting thorough evaluations of large dairies in a wide range of geographies and economies. Jeff is attentive to details, responds in a timely manner, and is proficient in implementing his solutions by his ability to effectively communicate with both individuals and teams on the dairy.