About Lucas

Dr. Lucas Ibarbia is a Veterinarian and Nutritionist in training. He grew up around cows on his family ranch in Argentina and later attended Veterinarian School. In Veterinarian School, he acquired more experience working with dairy cows and decided early on to become a Dairy Practitioner. After graduating, he spent two and a half years at a dairy veterinarian practice where he realized the trend in dairy consultation worldwide and decided to pursue an advanced degree in Dairy Production Medicine in the United States at the University of Florida in Gainesville. During his residency program, he had access to large and progressive dairy farms where he was able to focus his training on dairy nutrition. In addition to his advanced degree in Dairy Production Medicine, Lucas completed a Master’s degree in Dairy Nutrition and Reproduction. Recognizing the impact of nutrition on herd health is what encouraged him to pursue advanced training in this area. During his residency, he also focused on training and educating dairy personnel on standard operating procedures related to nutrition management, herd health, calf raising, and milk quality.

The dynamic and constantly changing challenges of the dairy systems encourage Lucas to work every day on customized solutions for his clients.