Jack Corless

About Jack

Jack Corless is a global dairy consultant with over twenty-five years experience providing nutrition and management advice to dairy producers around the world. His focus, both as an independent consultant and as Director for Dairy Development with Alltech Inc has been to contribute to the development and growth of profitable and sustainable milk production in emerging markets.
Jack has worked with the largest dairy production units in Eastern Europe and Russia, improving the efficiency of production. He established and implemented a total farm training program for employees and consultants and developed a successful model to significantly improve the efficiency of utilization of protein in high production cows.
He has spent the last nine years working with the Asian dairy industry addressing the challenge of creating and maintaining sustainable large-scale production units where climate, genetics, forage, and education present major obstacles to success. He is working with large private producers and co-operatives in Europe, Turkey, Pakistan, India, GCC and throughout South East Asia.
Previously Jack worked for Nutreco where he was a founding member of the European Ruminant Research Committee. He also owned and managed a ruminant feed milling business in his native Ireland.