About Jim

Jim has been immersed in the animal nutrition business for over 30 years, working throughout the USA and internationally to enhance dairy profitability. He has also spent a significant part of his career serving as a dairy nutritionist both independently and as a general manager with a large feed company working to “lead people and manage things” on the top 100 dairy production opportunities worldwide. Jim led a group of consultants working specifically in large dairy projects. His responsibilities included hiring, training and developing dairy professionals to deliver ultimate success to dairymen through a team approach. He has demonstrated significant results in operating at the juncture of dairy economics, ingredient knowledge and sound nutrition. Jim understands the ultimate definition of success on the dairy is determined by the client, and requires a spirit of challenge between the dairy owner, the dairy management team and key advisors. He believes that a consultative approach includes a deep understanding of the dynamic situation that is unique to each client. Jim recognizes that the perception of what’s happening on the dairy can be much different than the reality and that the simple and straightforward approach of “matching cow performance to paper” is the start of positive change.