Kendra Holland

About Kendra

Kendra grew up in the Northwest Illinois area. Her passion for the agriculture world began when she started working on her neighbor’s cow-calf operation during the summers. She then worked for 3 years at the local veterinary clinic as a veterinary technician to gain experience in the animal medicine field. Kendra attended the University of Wisconsin-Platteville and began working on her in-law’s dairy farm part time. After graduating in 2016, she still wanted to continue learning and expanding her knowledge in the dairy industry. Kendra pursued a Master’s in Dairy Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and had the opportunity to work under Dr. Ken Kalscheur with the USDA Forage Research Center. Her research focused on fiber digestibility and looked at an alternative feed source, a pelleted product consisting of chemically-treated corn stover and a protein source, for lactating dairy cows. Since graduating in 2018, she worked with Furst McNess Co. as a dairy nutritionist based in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin. Kendra resides in the Northwest Illinois area with her husband and is still actively involved in his family’s dairy operation.