Luciana Jonkman, MS


About Luciana

Luciana’s passion for the dairy industry began to thrive as an undergraduate at UC Davis. There she was able to assist with graduate research teams as well as live and work on the university dairy research facility and a commercial dairy in New York. Upon graduation with her Bachelors in Animal Science and a minor in Nutrition Science, she spent time working on farms in California, Australia, and New Zealand. Luciana returned to the US to earn her Masters from Cornell University where she worked with Dr. Tom Overton and Dr. Alan Bell and graduated in 2001. Her focus has always been transition cow management and improving peak milk performance.
Luciana has the honor of doing the nutrition and management consulting for some of the highest herds in the state and the country. She pulls from her experiences in the US and abroad to offer unique solutions to her clients and motivate them to pay attention to the details that are critical to profitability.