Marco Minetti

About Marco

Marco was born and raised in Cordoba, Argentina. He graduated as an Agricultural Engineer from the Agricultural and Veterinary College at Esperanza, Santa Fe. Marco worked for 10 years at an animal nutrition company where he dedicated his time in technical sales in a wide area in mid central Argentina. During those years he acquired expertise consulting in intensive dairy systems while at the same time continuing to pursue advanced technical training in nutrition. After ten years, Marco decided to become an independent dairy nutrition and management consultant working directly for dairy producers. The majority of Marco’s clients are free stall barn dairies with limited use of pasture, also including some compost-bedded pack barns and in addition a few dairies being combination systems with free stalls and pasture. Marco has participated in the transition and development of compost bedded systems as well as free stalls. Marco focuses on nutrition and management consulting, providing continuous support training employee teams that help him improve the efficiency and profitability of his clients.